“Strong vs Weak Posture

Good posture is more than standing up straight, and requires more than “keeping your shoulders back.”  To improve posture you have to strengthen how your body balances, and how it moves. You’ll be amazed at your transformation.


CPEP Posture Specialist

“I felt relief

I tried ice, medication, several absentees from my normal practice routine, which by the way caused my golf game to suffer, all to no avail. The injury persisted without any relief for over 12 months.So much that my golf swing was about to change to compensate for the injury, and the decision to give up the game completely was on the horizon, which had not been a choice 12 months prior.

After performing the StrongPosture® exercises… I felt relief. Now I can run again, swing a golf club without discomfort, and not hurt. Thank you.


Golfer, Georgia

“Great success

I’m an active 70 year old who likes to garden on a one acre lot and go kayaking with friends on the weekend. Recently I injured my back during gardening… I have been progressing thru the program with great success.



“I’m doing much better

I started doing the posture exercises, even bought the book. I have lost over 100 lbs. in the last couple of years and am doing much better thanks to your posture exercise. Thanks for opening my eyes doctor.


DC, Virginia

“My back is better

Thank you for the lessons in StrongPosture®. I have been using it for about two months and have noticed increased flexibility and muscle tone. It seems that all muscle groups are used. The exercises are simple and take little time.

It’s hard to believe it makes this much difference, but it does. This is proving to be quite the tension reliever. My balance is better. I’m using muscles I never knew I had. My lower back has been helped the most.

By doing the exercises on a regular basis, I’ve been able to improve my posture and what must be the supporting muscles. This has improved my balance in every activity. The posture program has been a beneficial and welcome addition to my daily exercise and relaxation routine. Thanks once again.


Consultant, Georgia

“Posture is critical

Posture is critical to life. It’s not just about standing up straight. This program educates you in a way that just makes sense. It’s too easy. There’s no excuse not to follow this and make your body work for you.


DC, Missouri

“Better balance

Recently I have been seeing a lovely 80 year old woman. She had a stroke five years ago. When we tested her balance she could barely stand on one leg for five seconds and she had to hold the wall. Within two weeks of starting Strong Posture exercises she is able to balance on one leg for at least 30 seconds without using the wall. It is a great success for her to see her progress and know she is reducing her risk of falling.


Chiropractor, Idaho

“Relieve pain and improve posture

Dr. Weiniger knows what he’s talking about. His StrongPosture® exercises will help relieve pain while improving posture.


Bookstore Manager, Georgia

“Nurse practitioner

My sister stands all day as a nurse practitioner in her clinic. She’s begun the first few StrongPosture® exercises and says they help very much to keep her from having a tired back at the days end.



“Week by week

Well presented, clear set of exercises laid out week by week along with information to give an understanding behind the routines – becoming more aware of posture and developing those all important core muscles.


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