Do you work with posture?

Are you a pro

If you’re a health professional caring for people with back and spinal pain, soft tissue injuries or other biomechanic issues, and if you strive to help people help themselves, then 7 Steps to StrongPosture (7SSP) PRO can dramatically up your rehab game so people truly “get” how to move their body better.

7SSP is a step-by-step home exercise program (HEP) designed to blend with clinical care for NMS conditions.  7SSP PRO gives those you care for access to the 7SSP HEP, and shows you and your team how to systematically correct and refine their form- in office or virtually.

Empowering people to help themselves boosts postural confidence and awareness, plus overall clinical satisfaction rockets up as people progress through the 7 interactive steps with your guidance.

If you know posture is a greater issue than generally recognized,  and have been searching for an easy to implement framework for supported self-care and increased patient self-efficacy- let us know about you and your practice.  We’ll send you more information on how the StrongPosture® protocols have helped thousands of professionals change their care plans for chronic and non-specific back and neck pain, as well as other posture-related muscle and joint issues.

Fill out the form below to find out how much easier, more effective, and fun rehab can be.

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