For improved posture, fitness and well being, American Fitness magazine recommends reading Stand Taller Live Longer: A Posture & Anti-Aging Strategy by Dr. Steven Weiniger.

Trainers, therapists and doctors utilize these posture protocols to help their clients find their strongest posture for better athletic performance. Now you can learn the same great self-help posture exercises on your own!

Better Posture in 7 Weeks

The Stand Taller Live Longer 7-week outline will correct posture to keep you active and get rid of nagging back pain.  Posture expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger created the program after years of working with patients and refining the steps.

The 7 week posture correction plan combines posture research and picture demos to help you create a daily habit of exercise that is just right to keep your body moving. It’s the perfect companion book to the 7 Steps to StrongPosture® posture correction program.

Stand Taller Live Longer is an anti-aging strategy which can truly make a difference not only in how your body moves today, but also how you’ll move 20, 30 and even 40 years from now.

Read more about reaching your posture goals.

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