Stand Taller Live Longer

Improve posture now!

The 7-week program in this book will strengthen your posture to keep you moving well and pain-free. Dr. Steven Weiniger, internationally renowned posture expert has laid out your plan to build a daily posture exercise routine that is just right for your body.

Stand Taller~Live Longer can truly make a difference not only in how your body moves today, but also how you’ll move 20, 30 and even 40 years from now!

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Do you want to be active in your 60s, 70s? In your 90s? Research shows the time to start is now!

  • Want to improve posture?
  • Computer-bound sitting lifestyle causing bad posture?
  • Suffer from back pain or leg pain?
  • Problems with neck pain or headaches?
  • Ever feel like you “just can’t straighten up”
  • Frustrated because your body doesn’t perform as well as it used to?
  • Need to improve balance?
  • Concerned with fall prevention?
  • Has “moving wrong” ever resulted in an episode of low back pain?
  • Concerned with your appearance?
  • Want the competitive edge?

Teen to Boomer, Seniors to Geriatric, Stand Taller Live Longer  provides a step-by-step program you can do at home, and it’s the perfect companion workbook to 7 Steps to Strong Posture.

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