Why Posture Matters

  • Health: It’s not just kids with backpacks or cane-carrying seniors… Studies show poor posture is a major cause of back and neck pain for all ages, and over time often contributes to digestive, respiratory and cardiopulmonary problems. Hours of hunching over a computer, slouching while texting, slumping while playing video games, sitting at work, at home, and during travel is affecting your posture.
  • Performance: Optimal athletic performance requires strong posture and balance. Whether athletics are recreational, competitive or part of an active lifestyle, training core stabilization, fluid coordinated motion, balance and good posture are essential to perform at your best and avoid injury.
  • Appearance: Your posture is how the world sees you. People with strong posture look better, more appealing, trimmer, and are perceived to be more confident.

Strengthening posture is one of the most important strategies to keep your body active and moving well, with the added benefit of looking younger and in many cases, more slender.

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