Don’t become a statistic.  Society has moved increasingly toward sedentary lifestyles, and poor posture and premature aging are the result.  Best Self Magazine recommends Stand Taller Live Longer: Posture & Anti-Aging Strategy by Dr. Steven Weiniger for those wanting to improve posture and live healthier lives.

Explore the negative effects of many peoples’ increasingly sedentary lifestyles and how they impact their postures and bodies. Weiniger uses helpful images to guide readers through creating posture exercise routines that can prevent premature aging caused by the aches and pains that can be the result of a lifetime of bad posture and inactivity.

 “If you want to move well when you are old, you must keep your body moving well as you age.” Dr. Steven Weiniger

Here’s your self improvement reading list… 

Reading list by India Powell and Helena Adams for Best Self Magazine.

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