How to improve posture

Mom says, “Stand up straight!”

In addition to being an energy drain, which makes it next to impossible to tackle the myriad of must-dos you have scheduled in any given day, poor posture will wreak havoc on your health affecting everything from your fitness routine, to your normally pleasant demeanor, to how good you look.  Add to that nagging back pain, neck stiffness, headaches and difficulty breathing deeply or managing stress, and you quickly understand that when it comes to posture, Mom was right (again!).


How fit is your posture?

I’ll give you the bad news first.  If your long term habits have created postural problems then the solution will require a bit of effort and a bit of time to fix.

And the good news? There is always room for improvement!


A great posture improvement program will address:


  1. Why posture is important – Because if you know you’ll take the advice that follows seriously.
  2. How to check your posture – In order to set goals and track improvement you have to be able to compare your results on a posture picture.
  3. Posture exercise program – It takes more than education to get relief from back pain, right? You need to make a change and integrate posture exercises that will help you to get stronger incrementally. Remember, the problem wasn’t created overnight – it took months, or years to train a movement pattern that isn’t working for your body.
  4. Making new habits – Once you’re feeling better, you don’t ever want to be back where you were, so a great program will teach you how to make simple lifestyle changes that are easily sustainable.


“Posture isn’t good or bad, it’s strong or weak. And there’s always room for improvement.”
~Dr. Steven Weiniger, posture expert and founder, 7 Steps to StrongPosture®

Oxygen Magazine was so excited about the power of posture on your health and fitness that they featured an interview with posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, DC.  Editor in Chief, Lara McGlashan talked to Dr. Weiniger about the benefits of StrongPosture® in the gym, at work, for active aging and to look taller and slimmer. Read the full article here >>> 

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