7 steps to StrongPosture® is the program for professionals to deliver results by integrating rehab exercise with bio-mechanic education.


Our new program teaches bio-mechanic basics
and helps people really understand how their body works.


Patients and clients can follow our simple demonstrations
and step-by-step videos from the privacy of their home.

I’m Dr Steven Weiniger, “the Posture Expert”.

My exercise protocols are used by doctors around the world to get people out of pain.

I believe in educating people about posture and motion to help them build strength to stand taller and move better.

posture expert dr steven weiniger

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Why It works

The power of StrongPosture® protocols is precise cues, correctly sequenced over time, to retrain subtle movements.


StrongPosture® correlates expressed motor patterns with sensory perceptions and proprioception towards symmetry, and towards accuracy.



With your help, people move better with visibly more control to experience improvement people see and feel.

Proven to work

What are patients saying?

I visited today and learned a lot. The Dr. walked me through his whole process. I feel better, this will be weekly for sure for me. Thank you, I feel I can bend and move and will follow the plan of action at home. Thanks again.

What are Doctors saying?

I wish I had this program when I started my practice fifteen years ago. This will definitely help me pivot and get on the telehealth bandwagon during this new normal, to serve my patients better and grow my business.

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What’s included


We provide you with a toolbox that includes unlimited patient access, practice flyers, plus workflows and scripts, in addition to an 8 session pro training series.

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